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Our names are Amina and Arif, we live in Massachusetts and here is a brief description of what we are about.
For the love of life all beings and our Mother Earth.
We gratefully offer these opportunities to gather in  Sacred Unity
As a many faceted gem  our passion is sharing  these pieces of the prism from gathering to gathering  toward experiencing more love  harmony and beauty…
With open hearts we invite you to create community with us in active hope:
Dances of Universal Peace, Retreats , yoga, cooking,
Meditation, plant spirit healing, space clearing,  urban homesteading, sustainable living, permaculture experiments, slow and wild food, music, art and so much more in a somewhat different perspective 🙂
Finding peace purpose and possibility amidst the chaos , we hope you will join us!
Contact us if you are interested in  any of these.
Most of our offerings are by donation – some of them do have a charge in order to support the space and others facilitating  the event.
Using the gifting economy to have a different perspective on abundance, prosperity and our worth.    Here is a link to a 12 minute movie talking about the gifting economy.  http://sacred-economics.com/
If you would like to host us for a retreat or any of our offerings to your group in your area please contact us.
Our email address is Amina1Arif@gmail.com.
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